I'm gunna party like a rock star, hit a bunch of strip bars, wake up naked in a hotel room. Throw my t.v. out the window, smoke a bunch of endo, anything to get my mind off of you. Find a telephone pole to wrap around my car and party like a rock star! <3 (:


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I hate how people say that we live in a messed up world because soldiers kill innocent people on a daily basis. Well news flash people! It’s our fucking job! Yes I am an American Soldier and if your not don’t say shit because you don’t know how it feels to have to shoot at bus full of people that are bystanders but you have too because they are holdig a weapon. Or you dont know how is it feels to have little children run up to you with bombs attached to them while their parents are ready to hit the detonator when they get close to you. I guess just people are igorant and don’t have the balls to do what we do in the military…so next time just think of how much traumatizing shit we go through while the only thing you have to worry about killing is the stupid flies swarming around your smelly ass.

Luke Bryan! (:

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Give me back my pop tarts!

Give me back my pop tarts!

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